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    December 2, 2020

    Viori Shampoo Bar Review

    If you are looking for a care product that gives to you while also giving so much positive back, get ready for the beauty that I’m about to show you.
    Welcome to my Viori shampoo bar review!

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    Thank you for your support! ♡

    Let’s start by saying ever since I first saw Viori’s gorgeous ad a few weeks ago, I was hooked.
    I searched the site, read all the info, looked at the small reviews, and knew it was going to be tested by me and hopefully become my new favorite.

    And when it comes to new products, many people look for outside reviews apart from the actual website. I know, I’m the same way.

    To check out Viori right now, simply click here!

    Before I stumbled upon Viori I was actually already in progress of looking for another shampoo bar.
    It was one of those times where what you are looking for falls right into your hands, you know?

    I’m no shampoo bar newbie, and all I had used for years was Lush.

    Lush is amazing for sure, don’t get me wrong.
    Their shampoo bars are really nice, however, my hair and scalp are actually pretty problematic so I thought I needed something a little more.
    (of course for the rest of my care needs I will be staying loyally to Lush currently; they are my overall favorite for other items)

    By that, I mean that I have a dry, irritated scalp and hair which also gets oily at the same time. Yeah, I don’t know either.
    My hair is very long at the moment and can be hard to handle.

    It really needed something special.

    So, Viori came into my life.
    They are a company that focuses specifically on hair which is more what I was trying to find.

    Viori Shampoo Bar Review


    So, what is Viori and why are they special?

    Inspired by the Red Yao tribe in China, they bring the amazing hair care benefits of Longsheng rice and other completely natural ingredients to our own hair rituals.

    They support this tribe and work together with them while also supporting efforts to reduce waste and animal rights.

    Yeah, literally perfect right?

    First, let’s talk similarities and differences.

    Their (shampoo and conditioner) bars are around the same price as Lush, cruelty free (though Lush’s are not all vegan sadly, and in my opinion makes them not cruelty free, but that is another conversation), save bottles as they are completely in bar form, clean well, and give back to those in need.

    The differences though are that Lush sometimes uses plastic in shipping while Viori does not at all, Lush gives to a variety of causes while Viori focuses on one (with other select give backs from causes of customer choice is coming they mentioned), Viori is completely cruelty free AND vegan (every single product), and Viori is made of completely natural ingredients while Lush uses some synthetics (they absolutely do use a lot of natural as well though of course).

    (Want more cruelty free care ideas? Check out my Clean and Cruelty Free Care Guide here~)

    Personally my hair does feel pretty good with Lush bars and they did the job but I would say that the scalp irritation stayed and my hair did feel a bit drier/less manageable using them.

    Of course there were a couple options I didn’t try yet (they have quite a few different shampoo bars), but I just decided to move on at this time.

    I do have very long, tangly hair though, so keep that in mind.

    But when using the Viori bar (which I got in Hidden Waterfall by the way), my hair felt incredible from literally right during the first wash in the shower to sitting here typing now.
    It was an immediate difference, just like the other reviews said.
    It was so smooth and amazing feeling; it still is weeks later now.
    (Yes I wanted to try this for a good while before doing a review of course)

    I always only comb my hair gently to minimize damage, and it was the easiest it has even been really, even better than with using conditioner previously!

    (Which I haven’t been using since starting Viori by the way)

    After drying it was soft, smooth, looked and felt beautiful, and also smelled divine.
    Which is one thing I didn’t mention yet – the scent.
    The Hidden Waterfall scent that I got is described as musk and vanilla and it is true to that. And it smells SO GOOD. It is lighter than some of the Lush scents but still definitely a nice level.

    Also, they have bar holders too.
    And they are the CUTEST THINGS.

    Viori shampoo bar

    Made by local villagers in China, these wonderful little holders look adorable, are eco friendly, and keep your bars nice and lasting long.

    They are a great addition, especially if it is your first shampoo bar. You have to have good storage to keep them nice.

    Viori Shampoo Bar Review

    Lastly, we have the packaging.
    Opening up and seeing that first shipment especially is an incredible feeling.

    Plastic free and absolutely adorable, your special delivery is likely to make you so happy, particularly the bar wrapping!

    It is so fun to open your first bar and just take it all in.

    I can’t even explain my excitement and happiness to start and now keep using my bar.

    Pros and Cons

    So I thought it would be helpful to do a simple pros and cons section for this Viori shampoo bar review to list things out plain and simple.


    -Hair feels and looks amazing
    -Lathers well
    -Smells wonderful
    -Hair/scalp issues definitely eased
    -Very eco friendly from the product itself to packaging
    -Cruelty free and completely vegan
    -Shipping was pretty good and regular speed


    -Have to order, can’t just pick up at a store
    -If you want a lower price you have to choose a subscription option (but you can turn it off at any time!)
    -Smell could be a little stronger, but it is definitely really nice as it is still, especially during washing

    So basically, Viori has you covered from amazing hair care to the storage of it, helping you look lovely and feel good about your purchase in many ways.

    Of course if there is anything besides what is in this post you want to know, or if you want to share your own experience, simply post below.

    Until next time!

    ♡ Ash

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      Great review! I loved that you added the pros and cons.

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      Great review, i love all the detail and appreciate the packaging photos.

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        Thank you! I’m so happy you liked it and hope it helps 🙂

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