January 24, 2021

A Very Vegan Valentines Day Gift Ideas

It is almost the “official” time of love again (always is in my book, though why not use another reason right?), and what better way to celebrate than by extending that love to all beings. By making sure you have a vegan Valentines Day~

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Whether you are spoiling and celebrating love with yourself or the one(s) dear to you, I’m sure there will be something on this list that is perfect.

A Very Vegan Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Bath it up, baby.

Some naturally luxurious Lush products of any kind are amazing, but bath products specially picked out for a Valentines bath sets you up with a gift and steamy idea to do together, all in one.

You can even set it up into a whole occasion with drinks, treats, and something to watch!

Edible Arrangements

These can be purchased or even made yourself!

They are just fruit arranged in bouquet/vase style, sometimes dipped in chocolate and such.

Delicious and kind.

Floral Arrangements + Plants

This is a given!

While we have traditional flowers that are always wonderful, giving a new plant if they are a plant lover may be even better to them.

It can stay longer and you can even dress it up in a cute pot and such to remember for years to come.

Meal Of The Night

Cooking or take out? It is the question. (likely no dinner dates out because, you know)

This is super easy. Vegan food!

Check out and consider supporting fully vegan joints or vegan options on any menu if they have them.

Need some ideas? Check out a few of my recipes~

Vegan Treats

This is becoming easier day by day.

Especially with ice cream, the amount of vegan options is wonderful!

From companies with some options to fully vegan ones, there is sure to be a flavor you will love.

And of course you can always do the box of chocolates!

Lovely Scent

Scent is essential for setting any kind of mood you may want.

Perfume, cologne, candles, or room spray can all do the trick.

Picking out a scent you and your partner will love is always a wonderful idea to add to the gifts.

Wine or Sparkling Juice

I’m no expert with alcoholic drinks, but with my research, I’ve found there are plenty of vegan options.

If you’re just going the sparkling route like me, Welch’s has the best sparkling grape ever, and in a pretty bottle! Score.

Vegan Valentines Day


Cozy, sexy, or both?

Lingerie, or just a hot look is a popular choice as we know, but other things like matching onesies can be adorable too!

Find your favorite character/animal and go for it.

Of course, don’t just leave these things to Valentines day.

Treating yourself and your special one(s) to extraordinary love all year round is a wonderful thing~

Have a lovely Vegan Valentines Day!

Until next time,

♡ Ash

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