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    October 18, 2020

    Vegan Cake Mix Brownies In Many Flavors

    You may have seen these around (mainly Pinterest) for quite some time now, and it is true – they may really be the easiest baked sweets you ever make.
    Years ago was the first time I stumbled upon the idea and made it. Yes it was wonderful!
    Of course, my version makes them vegan cake mix brownies, strawbies, blondies, etc, so everyone can enjoy cruelty free!

    There are a few great aspects of making these.

    For one thing, this should work with most store bought cake mixes. So this gives you tons of options of flavors.

    This means chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, red velvet, Funfetti, etc, the list goes on.

    So far, I have personally tried this with strawberry Funfetti and regular strawberry!

    Each time it turned out great.

    Also, it is simple as can be to veganize this trick.

    All you need is Just Egg (get $1 off coupon here) to sub for actual eggs, and as long as the cake mix is vegan, any flavor you make will be vegan.

    (You can try another egg substitute, but this is what I have tried personally)

    If you don’t know about Just Egg yet, know that it is an absolute holy grail for vegan cooking/baking.

    It is life changing and the best vegan egg sub I’ve ever tried.

    (You can also use it for scramble, breadings, french toast (like my Perfect Easy Vegan French Toast), and more!)

    They are also super easy to make.

    For using cake mix for these brownies (or other flavor), you just add two eggs worth of Just Egg and 1/3 cup of oil, and this should work to give you the great brownie consistency.

    Which is typically denser, if that makes sense, instead of light and fluffy.

    That literally makes it 3 effortless ingredients to get them ready to eat.

    Another good part?

    Several of the store bought icings are vegan as well!

    To make sure, just check the ingredients, and you can have something to top them as well if you wish.

    Or just make your own custom glaze/icing if that is more your style.

    If you’re wondering if you can use an actual brownie mix for vegan brownies, the answer is yes!

    So far the Duncan Hines Chocolate Brownies regular version has worked best for me using the 3 eggs.
    Just a simple swap of eggs for Just Egg.
    You do want to make sure you follow the full directions for these.

    So, let’s put it all together in one convenient place.

    Vegan Cake Mix Brownies +

    – Vegan cake mix box of your choice
    – 1/3 cup of oil (I use canola)
    – 2 eggs worth of Just Egg

    1. Put all ingredients in a bowl and mix well (but not over mixed)

    2. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes; until edges are slightly brown (if using a light colored mix); do not overcook!

    3. Top as desired, cut, and serve

    If you want to get even more creative, try putting in some mix ins like Oreos, chocolate chips, fruit, etc.

    The possibilities are almost endless.

    To note, Just Egg works so well in cooking and baking, so don’t be afraid to try it in the regular cake recipes too.

    Have you tried a vegan brownie, strawbie, blondie, or a regular cake?
    How did you like it?

    Enjoy until next time,

    ♡ Ash

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    7 thoughts on “Vegan Cake Mix Brownies In Many Flavors

      Author’s gravatar

      Oh my, those look so delicious! I’m going to make them this weekend.

        Author’s gravatar

        I hope you enjoy~!

      Author’s gravatar

      this is really the easiest sweet to bake.
      looks delicious.
      can’t wait to try and thanks for the awesome vegan recipe.

        Author’s gravatar

        Thank you and of course! Let me know what you think ( :

      Author’s gravatar

      Wow, it look so delicious and healthy 😋. I wanna try it asap. Thx for sharing

      Author’s gravatar

      love this since Im dairy-free 🙂 Can I use apple sauce or flax egg, I haven’t seen just egg here yet.

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