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    January 10, 2021

    Vegan Avocado Toast With Tofu Scramble

    I may be late to the game with avocado toast, but it’s definitely not too late to keep, bring back, or start adding it to your recipe rotation.
    My vegan avocado toast with scramble (tofu!) and (V) parmesan cheese has absolutely become a favorite here, and you should definitely try it too!

    It has taken some time to tweak and test different things (I’m a picky af vegan lol), trying to figure out my favorite way to make it.

    You can see different recipes around with things like tomato, mushrooms, greens, nuts, even sometimes fruit.
    They all look amazing!

    I am a tofu scramble loving person though and also a cheese loving person so I had to do my own version.

    I always did love the typical “breakfast sandwiches” back in the day so this is kind of like a vegan option for that.
    (I still need to veganize traditional versions of these like soooon)

    It doesn’t have to be for breakfast/brunch (though usually ends up being brunch in this home lol), it is just when I usually make these beauties.

    The warm tofu scramble along with the vegan parm cheese on top is just so delicious.

    (Speaking of the vegan parm, it is from Follow Your Heart and it is hands down the best tasting vegan cheese I’ve tried yet. Like I can’t even. You have to try it!)

    I used sourdough for the bread by the way (my rediscovered old favorite along with Italian) and it was awesome.

    Feel free to experiment with different breads too and find some great combos!
    I will say it does absolutely taste best with fresh, bakery or homemade bread.

    I think the best thing you can do is try different things and see what does it for ya!

    Pairing it with a delicious smoothie is always good too~
    Check out my top two here:
    Chocolate Strawnana Protein Smoothie
    Sunshine Smoothie

    Vegan Avocado Toast

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    Servings: 2


    • 1-2 Avocados To your liking and depending on size
    • 1/2-1 Package worth Tofu scramble Firm or extra firm Tofu; Link to recipe below!
    • 4 Slices Bread of choice I use Italian or Sourdough
    • Vegan butter For Tofu scramble and on bread if wanted
    • Follow Your Heart Vegan Parmesan Cheese Amount of your desire!


    • Lightly toast the bread with or without butter in a skillet or in a toaster/oven.
    • Take out bread when done to your liking and then start the tofu scramble.
    • While the tofu scramble is cooking, wash and slice the avocados to get them ready.
    • Put the avocado on the bread slices and when the scramble is done, put it on top of that!
    • Top with your topping of choice; of course I recommend FYH vegan parmesan. Other seasoning and toppings work amazing as well!

    Click here for my Tofu Scramble recipe!

    I’m super curious to see how else you guys like to make this so feel free to share down below in the comments!

    Of course, if you make this one, let me know your thoughts~

    P.S. I hope your new year is starting off awesome.

    Until next time,

    ♡ Ash

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