The Best Vegan Ramen Packs

The Best Vegan Ramen Packs

If you are looking for something cheap, flavorful, savory, and extremely easy to add to your vegan meal rotation, or even just have for lazy nights, I have the perfect thang for you!

I recently became aware of something amazing that I just have to share.

It is the best vegan ramen packs ever!

(Yes, I am also aware these aren’t exactly “ramen” but it is what many people know them as 🙂 )

Originally, I had purchased some of these for someone as their Christmas gift since they LOVE extremely spicy foods/sauces.

Since most of them are “chicken flavored” I assumed I wasn’t going to be able to eat them too.
But I was wrong!

After seeing that they contain “artificial chicken” flavor, I did some more research to find out if they are in fact vegan.

Now I have never even been a spicy food person. At all.
But I WANTED to be able to eat these!

So I simply watered/milked them down a bit and I can actually handle them.

The 3 regular spicy ones are meant to be like a fried noodle feel with not much water but if you add some it becomes more ramen like.

You can also adjust the heat with how much sauce/liquid you add.

Even better, in addition to these original extremely spicy ones, I found they have some other vegan option ones as well.

So overall I found 5 vegan ones from this company!
(one not pictured in my photo because I don’t have it currently lol)

These 4 are all spicy, with the one being the spiciest of them all.
This one you may recognize from the “spicy ramen challenge” that was going around. It is this one!

These are a little less spicy but still very hot.

It has a “stew” version as well which is more like a ramen feel to it!
I will either get my own picture or link to it.

This one is vegan IF YOU DON’T ADD THE FLAKES.
Remember, NO FLAKES.
They have fish bits in them.

And this last one is actually pretty mild.
There is definitely a little kick to it, but not anywhere near these.
It is a very nice, almost veggie BBQ kind of flavor with slight heat.

Top Ramen has absolutely NOTHING on these ones, I can tell you that.
Not to mention they have like, one vegan option? Blah.

I’ve tried some other brands too here and there but these are the best vegan ramen packs I ever found.

So where can you find these wonderful pieces of heaven?

I found mine at our local Asian markets.

But you can also order them on Amazon!

Along with the packets, you can order just the sauce alone for the spicy ones.
So if you want to use your own noodles or want a lower waste option, this is perfect for you.

They were around the same price both places for me personally so likely it is that way generally. But of course see for yourself!

The Best Vegan Ramen Packs

By the way, these are all Samyang brand. I’m loving this brand!

I would normally put recipes here but obviously these are packs that have their own directions.

It’s always easy too so don’t worry at all.

I can give some tips though!

Make sure you don’t overcook the noodles or they become mushy.
Keep close as possible to the recommended cooking time.

Add some coconut/almond milk for added creaminess and/or to tone down spicy flavor.

Add some of your favorite vegetables to liven it up even more.

Use the bottle of sauce for other dishes such as curry or soups.
Even as a dipping sauce!

Last but not least, always make sure to keep up to date and routinely check the ingredients for any changes.
Formulas are changed sometimes of course so just keep an eye and make sure the ingredients stay the same.

If there would ever be changes to these I will update as well.

Until next time, I really hope you enjoy these like I do.

They have changed the instant noodle game for me and wish the same for you!

♡ Ash


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