July 11, 2020

Perfect Easy Vegan French Toast

Pancakes and waffles are pretty easy to make vegan, but vegan French Toast? It is a little more tricky.

This is a recipe that is typically very focused on eggs being a part of it, so it is easy to see why.

I tried some ways with banana, vegan egg powder, etc, but nothing has compared to this way I’m going to show you here!

The life changing ingredient I use is called Just Egg, and I don’t say that lightly.

I initially found it earlier this year but didn’t realize allll of the things you can actually do with it.

Once I started experimenting with it more, I just had to try it on French Toast, a very missed meal of mine.

I hope you love it as much as I do!

What else can you do with Just Egg? I’m going to have a big post about that coming soon! Make sure you are subscribed to my email to get notified when it comes out!

Perfect Easy Vegan French Toast

These measurements are what I use for myself (single serve; makes about 5-6 pieces) For more simply increase these measurements.

-Approx Half a bottle Just Egg
-Splash or two of vegan milk (I use oat!)
-Vanilla flavor
-Bread of choice (I just use plain white bread)
-Vegan butter
(Highly recommend the new Country Crock vegan line!)

1.Start by preparing everything first. This goes fast so you’ll want to have everything ready!
Put the Just Egg, splashes of milk (literally splashes, or it could come out too soggy), splash of vanilla, and your choice amount of cinnamon in a bowl. Mix together well.
2. Have the vegan butter melting in a skillet preparing to cook; medium-ish heat.
3. When the skillet is ready, dip each side of the bread in the liquid mixture, and put right on the skillet in the butter.
5. Let cook for a few minutes each side, checking very frequently.
6. When done, pile up each slice on your plate/s, pour syrup and any toppings you want, and your vegan French Toast is done!

Want to pair an amazing smoothie to go with it? Check out my Vegan Tropical Sunshine Smoothie Here~

This is super easy and pretty quick.

It is so hard to believe this is vegan, but it absolutely is!

Enjoy having this amazing dish back in your life.

I know I did!

P.S. Have you tried Just Egg? If you have, what is your favorite way to use it?

Until next time!

♡ Ash

Vegan French Toast
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