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    September 4, 2020

    Make Money With These Affiliate Programs

    Who doesn’t want to make an income online or even just some extra on the side?
    There are so many ways to earn money online these days, but one of the best is with affiliate programs!

    First, what are affiliate programs?
    They are a (free) program that people join and receive their own special link or code.
    When people click on your link and buy a product (sometimes even getting signups etc can pay!) you get a portion of the profit.

    You might not realize, but tons of companies have affiliate programs. Even really common ones that you probably shop with all the time!

    This can make it super easy to promote products that you know and love, staying real with your audience. Which is the best way of course.

    Especially when shopping online, people like and want reviews. By showing that you actually use and love the products, that gives a lot more confidence when making a purchase.

    All of this being said, let’s start with the common companies you probably already use:

    “Popular” Company Affiliate Programs


    Yep! The amazing Amazon does affiliate programs!
    Hauls and “must haves” have been exploding on social media, and for good reason. You can make money when people click and buy with your links!
    There are 2 main ways of earning affiliate income with them that I am aware of.
    With Amazon associates, which gives you links to share, and Amazon Influencer program, which gives a storefront people can buy from.


    Lots of people still shop at Walmart of course and it is very well known.

    Their affiliate program isn’t as much though!


    Everyone also loves Target hauls these days, and can you blame us?

    Target is a favorite store for lots! Including me. And yes, you can also make money promoting for them.


    This was a total surprise, but it is true! They also have an affiliate program.

    I think those really into tech would very much benefit from this.

    Less Common (but still popular online and amazing) Affiliate Programs


    Share a Sale is one that I started with and definitely recommend.

    They aren’t a single company, but tons of brands go through them (think clothing, beauty, home decor, health/fitness, tech, etc). So you have a huge variety to choose from to promote!


    Know all of those cool things you find on Amazon and Wish?
    Well it is possible they are on this site for a fraction of the price.

    This site is where a lot of suppliers get their items to sell.
    And you can buy too for cheaper prices!

    This is a favorite of mine.


    This one is popular with fashion bloggers/influencers mostly I believe.

    I don’t have personal experience but everyone who works with them really seems to like them!

    CJ Affiliate

    CJ Affiliate is another big one like Share a Sale. They have countless opportunities inside.
    My hosting, GoDaddy is inside along with big clothing companies like BooHoo!


    Clickbank is another affiliate program that has a variety of products to choose from to promote.

    It seems to mostly be online products, books, etc. which are very popular right now.


    If you don’t know yet, Fiverr is a giant site full of freelancers!
    (If you’re looking for ways to make money at home, here is yet another way for ya)


    For bloggers and online businesses:
    Convertkit is a very popular email service that bloggers everywhere seem to be using and promoting. Including me!

    Especially if you use it yourself and speak from experience, give it a shot and apply.

    I switched a few months ago and I am absolutely loving it. Definitely recommend!

    Last but not least..

    Bloggers of all niches have their own products, courses etc, and did you know that there is likely affiliate programs?

    If you have taken any courses, read any books, etc, check for a program!

    Even if you haven’t, you will probably still be able to apply. It does help though.

    Personally, I took the course Affiliate Marketing, Simplified by Cate Rosales (which I do recommend for learning even more about affiliate marketing of course).

    This really isn’t even close to everything out there of course.

    My top tip is to check into stores, products, etc that you buy and/or use and check to see if they have an affiliate program.

    For example, many clothing stores, travel sites, dating sites, VPNs, and web hosting, etc have their own programs (sometimes inside a market like CJ or Share a Sale)!

    You never know! This is growing so it never hurts to check.

    Often it can be seen at the bottom of their website with other links or simply search for it.

    It doesn’t cost anything at all to join these affiliate programs so why not give it a try and make some money?

    There is nothing to lose and so much to gain!

    Get your moneeeyyy.

    Which affiliate program are you most excited to try or is a favorite of yours?

    Until next time,

    ♡ Ash

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