April 12, 2021

Journey To Minimalism

It’s been a little while!
Coming back to you with something new and exciting to share.
Ahhh minimalism.

It starts with this year’s move, which was at the end of February, and finally having things in good order at this time (not “finished” per say, but super close).

You always hear people say that they don’t feel their home (and even more, like wardrobe, products, etc) will ever be at a finished point, but this is something I do actually want to achieve.

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We moved into a much smaller (but incredibly better) place and really had to downsize.
This sparked the shift to minimalism, but very perfectly, some awesome women I watch/follow also started (or some continued) their own journeys. Inspiring me even more and showing how much better life can be simplified.

Journey To Minimalism

Living a minimalist life can mean different things to everyone, but my personal approach (and one I hope to inspire others with) is to live in a way that causes the least negative affect and “footprint” on others and our precious earth.

That means for other humans, non humans (animals), and the environment.

Living a vegan lifestyle is definitely a huge chunk of this. However, there is definitely more!

These days people typically gravitate towards constant buying, consuming, excessive spending, etc. All on top of not being aware or really caring about the affects.
All of this can be harmful to all of the above mentioned from excessive trash, to bad working conditions for humans, animals being used for testing/products, and more.

Getting in a mindset where you actively try to reduce as much negative impact as possible is absolutely wonderful.


Of course, it is nearly impossible to cut every single “bad” thing out, that is the sad truth, but, what matters is actively trying and doing your best.

Even with a lot of things you can’t control, you CAN control these things.

A huge step, as I said above, is to start living a vegan lifestyle.
This already cuts down on so much negative impact such as nonhumans/animals used for food, products, animal testing and also for the humans who have to do these horrific jobs.

There is a lot more info and tips for this kind of thing here on the blog, I’ll link some here just to start:

18 Best Vegan Food Alternatives
Clean and Cruelty Free Care Guide

As for the other things, here is an overview of what I’ve changed so far, and what is planned for the future.

What is done:

– Drastic reduction of CLOTHES (a big one for me lol)
– Drastic reduction of random unnecessary items (unwanted souvenirs, nic naks, decor, etc)
– Downsize/clean out/use up pantry and fridge items
– Downsize/clean out makeup/care products
-Downsize/clean out fur baby items (old/broken toys, chewies, etc)
-Starting more internal/mind decluttering

Coming soon:

-More clothes/shoes reduction & organize more what is kept
-More random items reduction
-More kitchen reduction/organization
-Cleaning out and organizing drawers full of things/papers no longer needed (actually done at the time of this posting lol)
-More internal/mind work for simplifying life, focusing, and staying on my path

I truly can’t explain the amazing feeling of freeing yourself from attachment of way too many/random items and donating/selling them happily.

Looking at your progress and seeing such a positive difference.

Seeing items now and not feeling the impulse to immediately buy and buy so many unnecessary things.

Focusing on items that truly have purpose and actually bring joy to your life when it comes down to it.

Knowing that you are reducing your impact and that you are working to improve your lifestyle here on our planet.

So, to continue, with all of this I did decide to get a couple necessary items for the new home, which was some shelving/storage for my room, kitchen stools, basic decor/frames I still need to get for photos display (it has been years waiting lolz), and a few new plants that I have been wanting for a while.

Most things being a necessity for the new space we are working with and a couple very basic decor items.

If you’re interested by the way, these are some of the things I found and I’ll link them below.
Affordable prices, gorgeous, and so very useful!


Gorgeous and kind faux leather kitchen/bar stools:

However, when these few items are done, the plan is to be overall done and not have to get any major items for a long time.

I want to enjoy what I have and be content.

The mindset shift to minimalism has absolutely helped and will continue to help with this.
It will help save more money, shift all my energy into achieving my goals and enjoying life with what I already have for the most part, and detach from the typical consumer mindset.

This is something that has been life changing recently, and I can’t wait to share more along with the other positive, vegan recipes and lifestyle already at home here!

It all fits together perfectly.

I hope this does help to spark the same mindset for you, or keep you going strong on the kind / cruelty free / minimalism journey you already have going on!

More to come.

Until next time,

♡ Ash

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