March 17, 2021

How To Get Clear Skin Fast and Naturally (My Cruelty Free Guide)

Happy mid week!
Yeah, posting is a little different and delayed due to multiple things (lol), but we will get back to it now.
More about that later! I have this to bring to you.
If you are like me, and here on this post, you probably are having some struggles with your skin and trying to figure out how to get clear skin fast, but also in the best way.

When it is good, it looks really good. But the off times?
Not so much.

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I personally struggled for literal years trying to get the gorgeous skin I always saw others having.
While also transitioning into a fully natural, cruelty free, and vegan lifestyle.
It is absolutely possible! So don’t worry.

Just remember though that everyone’s skin is different, and while there are some certain things that will basically always help everyone, there are certain parts you will have to personalize for you.

But I’ll explain more about that in a min.
Let’s get into it~

How To Get Clear Skin Fast and Naturally (My Cruelty Free Guide)

1.Drink plenty of water (teas and healthy juice too)

Staying hydrated is so important and especially with just simply water.

Others have said how much drinking plenty of water helped their skin, and I can say the same from my experience.

When I’m very hydrated and drinking well throughout the day, my skin is definitely at it’s best.

Had a bad drinking day? I can usually tell starting the next morning and if I don’t fix it, my skin starts to get crazy again.
It can take days to get back to a good place.

So drink up!
Make sure it is mostly water, sometimes tea, naturally flavored water/tea (like with lemon), or fruit juices (staying natural and low/no sugar as possible).

2. Get enough sleep

When you are well rested, low stress, and allowing your body that needed time, it can definitely help make sure you are in top shape; including your skin.

When you are tired, all over the place, stressed, etc, it won’t do you good in any way.

So make sure to get your beauty rest and see how wonderful it makes you feel from your skin and more.

3. Learn your skin/Find and use skincare/makeup your skin likes

The first approximately 20 years of my life my skin was an oily mess.

Once I passed that age it was like my skin went through a total change and now I can’t get enough moisture!

It was weird. Even though I could tell my skin was changing to being very dry, I was so used to using products for very oily skin that I didn’t make the connection at first.

It wasn’t working for my skin anymore and making it even worse.

So I realized this reason why my skin was freaking out with acne on top of the new very dry skin I was experiencing and changed to products for my new skin type.
It made a huge difference of course!

So confirm your current skin type and ensure you are using products made exactly for that type.

If you are dry and acne prone like me, I absolutely recommend trying my personal routine and products:

Lush Movis Face Cleanser – My face wash; not used daily (I don’t wash with soap every day as it can be harsh for my dry skin; when I don’t I usually just use water and apply my oils) but used when my face does need a deep wash
Grapeseed oil – Moisturizer; mainly put on acne prone areas
Argan oil – Deep moisturizer all over face/body
AEVO Face cleanser/brushUse for a deeper, gentle clean and also has heat to apply oils and massage skin; A DREAM
Aztec Secret Clay Mask or Lush Cup o Coffee Mask – Both are amazing, however, I do prefer the Lush Coffee mask. It is a lot more moisturizing and such, but if you are looking for a more affordable option, Aztec Secret is a great second option!
Also, it is actually 100% clay with nothing else added so that may even appeal more. You will probably just have to really deeply moisturize after like I do~

I also do a face steam approximately once a week to help with moisture, opening pores, and relaxation.
My exact one isn’t available currently, but this is basically the same thing!

If you are oily or normal skin, try really researching into the best products and rituals that will work for you!
There are tons of routines out there to learn from and of course experimenting on your own.

4. Eat well

Along with hydration, what you are eating can also have an impact on your skin.

Both good and bad ways.

Let’s start with a well known, major culprit of causing acne – dairy products (and sometimes various high GI foods).

Thought dairy was bad enough for its negative impacts on animals and the environment?
It is ALSO known to be a big cause of skin troubles.

On the flip side, eating a healthy, low GI, natural as possible, vegan diet IS known to be helpful for the skin.

So if you needed another reason, there it is!

I can definitely say that even though I still have flare ups being vegan (high GI is still there for me lol), my skin is always better now than it was before I changed my diet.

So there you have it.

No matter your skin type, doing these basic things together will give you the best possible base for having the best skin possible.

It is mostly just based on taking the best care of yourself possible and learning/listening to your own skin.

It may take a little while to get into the habits regularly, adjust, and see the results from it, but you will get there and should absolutely get clear skin fast. You got this.

Do you have any amazing tips to share to get clear skin fast (naturally and cruelty free)?

Until next time,

♡ Ash

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