April 27, 2020

Easily Create Your Own Graphics / Content

Are you wanting to have your own beautiful and functional Instagram highlight covers for your stories like you have probably seen on tons of profiles?
Maybe just Pins or Pinterest board covers are your thing.

I’ve found a super easy and quick way to do this and I’m so excited to share it with you! The method I am going to show you is also free (unless you choose paid options), so no investment is needed!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click the link and/or make a purchase, I receive a commission. Don’t worry, this is at no extra cost to you. (: Thanks for your support! 

Before diving in, let’s talk more information about this.

Instagram story highlights are basically groups or collections of stories of your choosing that stay in your bio. This allows visitors to continue looking at them for as long as you keep them there.

They can be just fun and lighthearted, maybe including funny moments from your stories, or they can be extremely beneficial and useful such as for helping keep coupon/affiliate codes or an FAQ of what your followers ask a lot.

What should you make as your highlights?

Your highlights can be whatever you want. I do recommend keeping it relevant though!
Here are some examples of commonly used highlights:

-Pinterest URL
-Twitter URL
-Our Team
-General Life

These are some great ideas to get started, but you really can make them anything you want!

They will look best if they go along nicely with your current theme. Instagram is super visual, so that can make all the difference.

Another idea is to make advertisements, quote images, and also Pinterest pins/board covers!

Pinterest pins are the image that gets shared on Pinterest and these options will help you create the most eye catching look possible.

Some people also make board covers to give their Pinterest profile a theme.

Ad images are of course the image that you can use pretty much anywhere for your ads!

Basically any graphic need you have, this should be able to solve.

So, let’s get started!

Easily Create Your Own Graphics / Content

The app I mostly use to create almost everything is Canva.
It does have an app, and you can also use it on your computer in your browser as well.

For story highlights though, I use it in app form. (:

Since people seem to be ultimately interested in the Instagram story covers, that is what I’ll focus on here.

All of the other ideas you can make the same way, just switch the layout, and make it to your liking!
Its the same concept.

Side note: While many of the amazing graphics/features are free to use, some do require payment. However, I have only used free features so far and I love my creations!

1. Tap on “Instagram Story” to get an Instagram stories template up and ready to edit.
There are pre-made templates there, but none of them are really for highlight covers (it is the same thing though lol).

For this, we will start with a blank canvas.

2. Choose your background
You can choose a color, image, or just leave it blank! Tons of options here. Use a Canva image or your own.

To use your own images for anything, including backgrounds, logos, clip art, etc you must use the Logo option as shown here:

3. Add a little graphic that goes with the board name/topic if you wish
There are plenty of free graphics that would go great for highlight covers! In this tutorial, I chose a hanger that would be great for a clothing highlight, and lips graphic that would go well on a beauty highlight.

The weight one would be great for workouts and fitness related!

You can also put things from other socials there too, and there are logos already there for you to use!

Tap Graphics for premade ones, or tap Logos to use your own custom graphics.

*Sometimes using something like a circle under your focus graphic can help it stand out more, as shown in the one example.
It is all up to you though!

4. Align it, save it, and you’re done!
Just make sure the graphic(s) are centered nicely so they appear correctly on your highlights. Then tap the circled button to save it your way and upload to your stories!

Pinterest board covers and pins

For Pinterest pins and board covers, it is basically the same method.

Just choose the Pinterest pin option instead for that.
(For Pinterest pin and board inspiration, just take a look at mine and others already on Pinterest!)

For board covers I usually just choose the square Instagram post layout.

Create and you’re done!

I hope this tutorial has helped you and given some inspiration!

I would also be so grateful if you would follow me on Pinterest for more content like this (I’m accepting contributors on my group boards! Creators United and Earth & Animal Love) and share this post to Pinterest as well!

Do you want to see more content like this?

My main blogging focus is other things now, but I still would love to create this kind of content as well.

Let me know!

♡ Ash

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