Easiest Ever Vegan Iced Coffee

Easiest Ever Vegan Iced Coffee

If you’re obsessed with coffee like I am these days but want a cruelty free, easy, but still very delicious option, you will want to know my simple vegan iced coffee recipe here!

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It probably shouldn’t even be called a recipe because that is how easy it is hehe.

I’m really picky with coffee taste personally, so I cheat a little, but to me it is worth it.

I use the Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee which I’ve seen available at most grocery stores.
It is the Starbucks flavor, but allows you to add in your own touches and control the taste/sugar content to just how you want it.

It saves money, is already at home with me, and now I finally have an at home iced coffee that makes me happy and keeps me going.

Here it is!

Easiest Ever Vegan Iced Coffee

-Starbucks unsweetened iced coffee (darkness of your choice)
-Vegan milk of your choice (I prefer and use coconut milk mainly, sometimes oat milk)
-Vanilla syrup (I use Torani)
– Ice/coffee cubes

(It doesn’t get any easier than this)

  1. Get your favorite cup and all the ingredients ready
  2. Pour everything together with your desired amounts and mix nicely (You can always test by adding a little at a time).
  3. Ice it, drink and enjoy!

Want it whipped instead? Try my Vegan Whipped Coffee!

Bonus!: If you don’t like or want your vegan iced coffee to get watered down from ice, freeze some iced coffee into cubes!

I have a small cube tray that I use to make mine. It is awesome.

The Starbucks taste is my favorite right now so that is why I make sure to use that kind!
There are many others though and you can always make your own, I just really love this taste.

(They also have pre-made iced mochas with almond milk now too, so if you’re interested and want to make things even easier, there you go!)

Until next time!

♡ Ash

Vegan Iced Coffee


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