May 15, 2020

Create Your Own Oasis

Your home is your special place.

Your space away from the world, only for you (and whoever you invite in of course).

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Your surroundings and what is inside your home actually can affect you. People decorate certain ways and keep tidy, clean, and organized.

When it isn’t so good, the affects can be more negative.

If you create your own oasis in your home, whether it is a certain space or the whole area, it can really boost you and help you love your home even more.

So what does it mean to create your own oasis?

Personally, I think it means making your space into your dream little paradise. Filling it with everything you love and giving yourself positivity.

Everyone’s is different!

I found some general items to get you started or give some inspiration.

Are you feeling it yet?

Plants, flowers, & decor for them

Greenery and beautiful life around you can give such an awesome vibe.

It is no wonder I’m seeing a surge in popularity for it.

I mean, look at how amazing it can make a space!

I gotchu.


If you live where it is dry or having to run your heat a lot, a humidifier may be the perfect addition.

They have some really nice looking ones that also serve their function.

Lighting is everything

One of the best ways to set a mood is simply with lighting.

Fairy string lights are a good safe first choice for many.

Original creator unknown. Let me know?

These strip lights have been blowing up on the internet.

They give such a cool and luxurious vibe!

There are color ones or you can stay with a neutral white glow.

Wanting one of those gorgeous vanity mirrors with lights? These affordable stick on bulbs make ANY mirror a luxurious one.

I have these myself and I love them!

PS. Don’t forget the queen of all also – candles!


What art speaks to you?

This can have many options.

Wall art, statues, carpets, pillows, curtains, etc.


What would make it even better than having your favorite music or sounds surrounding you?

A good speaker or even a natural one like this one below is perfect.

A gorgeous natural vibe!

Hang around

Along with typical artwork are some things that have been very popular lately.

Hanging creations.

This gorgeous one would look cute on windows or a room/closet divider.

Self care items

No oasis is complete without some amazing self care items.

Bath bombs/bars, skin care, hair care, etc.

Relax and enjoy.

Are you feeling inspired?

I hope so!

In these times finding inspiration and working on my area has been amazing.

Have your own ideas or progress that you’ve created?

Share below if you’d like.

♡ Ash

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