December 20, 2020

Compassionate And Cruelty Free Holiday Gift Guide

It is that magical time of year again! I truly hope you are feeling it too.
Having you make it here to my lovely little compassionate and cruelty free holiday gift guide is already a reason to celebrate.

Welcome times a million, and thank you for considering and choosing positive choices.

It is truly time to start making sure everyone (all earthlings; humans, animals, and the planet) start feeling that magic from each other.

So, as you may have guessed, along with the above, some of these are also eco friendly, hitting 3 great points.

A good bit of these ideas I have and use and I hope you find some great things for a loved one or yourself!

Not to mention many can be found on Amazon, to help with any last minute needs.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may receive compensation if you click on a link. As an Amazon Associate, I do earn from qualifying purchases. All of this is at no extra cost to you.
Thank you for your support! ♡

Compassionate And Cruelty Free Holiday Gift Guide

Self Care

Who doesn’t love some new self care items?

Whether it is skin care or bath luxuries, help to step up some self love and pamper time.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

I’m going to start with this face cleanser/massager because it definitely deserves the number one spot.

It scrubs/cleans and then can do a heated massage. All for an incredible price. I’ve absolutely been loving it and I got one for my mom also!

It is affordable, but feels so luxurious.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

Next, I do have to put Viori on this list.
These little shampoo bars are both incredible and beautiful. It’s been a great addition to my hair routine and I seriously recommend giving them a try.

Cruelty free, eco friendly, and vegan.
Something really unique that is so fun and exciting to open up, even for any occasion.

See my full Viori Shampoo Bar review here~

Someone want to make the switch to low/no waste?
The Makeup Eraser is waiting for ya.

It hits all good points on our list here! (takes the place of cotton/tissues for makeup removal)

Even some smaller things like new slippers (faux of course), a robe, massage stones, lip care, or face masks make wonderful additions.


Probably the main thing we think of when cruelty free is mentioned, some new makeup may be the perfect treat.

No cruelty free holiday gift guide would be complete without it!

There are loads of cruelty free and vegan options available so this should be an easy one!

For this, I figured I would share my top two holy grails for foundation and lashes.

Both are something that will be so useful all year round.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

First we have the it Cosmetics CC+ cream.
This was actually really popular with beauty gurus so I had to try it myself and can confirm.

It is cruelty free, looks beautiful on my dry skin, and has several benefits including anti-aging!

It is some really good stuff.
The price point is a bit higher, but a little goes a long way (or you can mix it like I do sometimes) and they at least used to have mini versions of the main shades for around $15!

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

If lashes are their love, then Ardell falsies could be a great stocking stuffer up to a bigger gift if you find one of their large products.

This lash brand is a favorite in the beauty community (including me) and for good reason.

My favorites are the wispies and double up wispies currently.

They also have a lashes advent calendar this year! The whole advent calendar game is really strong this year.

Of course there are always holiday sets coming out for brands and they are usually gorgeous.

If someone is really into collecting them, that is probably the easiest and best thing!

Don’t forget that subscription boxes are super popular currently as well, and there are cruelty free/vegan specific ones (just like this gorgeous one below).


I’m not a big one for using styling and heat tools but I have to show this amazing little product I got a couple months ago.
It would make the perfect gift for someone.

It is an air brush styler! So a hair dryer and brush in one.
I have this exact one above.
Styling and drying time is so much faster and it makes your hair look so nice.

The reason I like this one specifically so much is because it has a cool option, which seems to be rare on these.
So for those who don’t like heat like myself, it would be a great match.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

Another different kind of tool that I had to include is makeup brushes!

I remembered that a few Christmases ago, I actually got this brand (Real Techniques) for myself and they are the best affordable brand I’ve ever used.

They are vegan, cruelty free, and very high quality.

These are what I have but I found a nice gift set also if you are interested!

A really nice and luxurious item would be none other than a skincare fridge (I have this one).

I don’t know much about actual benefits of them for your products, but it can at the very least keep your natural products from melting in the heat and allow applying cooled products (like masks) and tools to your skin (like a massage stone or roller) which can feel amazing.

I know personally, my bathroom gets really hot in the summer, which is my main reason for having one. It keeps all my lush products and more perfect!

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

Lastly, I need to include this face steamer.

For when it is cold, this is so nice to warm your face all up and feel incredibly relaxed.

Not to mention it helps open your pores for a deeper clean, to assist with skincare, and increase circulation.


Scent is everythingggg.
Whether it is directly on you or in your space, it is so important.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

Of course we have the usual, Bath and Body Works scents in spray, lotion, shower gel, candles.. and more?

They aren’t the most eco friendly option, but these are THE things to get during the holidays, and yes their products are cruelty free, baby.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

For a very eco friendly option, try Lush’s scents/products!

They are low/no packaging, many vegan options, and animal testing free.

Also, something so cool that I literally just found out about is advent candles!

Made with eco friendly ingredients, they are an interesting new way to countdown to the holiday!


There are more new and exciting vegan products coming out all the time now!
While certain things may not be suitable for gifting, some definitely are.

My favorite that I’ve ordered currently is absolutely Delicou and I just had to include them in my Cruelty Free Holiday Gift Guide.
There is the vegan “chicken”/”pork” that is packaged and shelf friendly, and the seasonings, which all honestly would be nice to gift.

This is by far the best vegan “chicken” product I’ve had to date.

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift

It could be something really cool for someone already meatless or to gift the beauty of meatless foods to someone not currently there to try.

They are absolutely DELICIOUS. As the name does say!

(A full review on these products coming soon! Sign up to my email list to be notified)


Cruelty free style means leather and fur free of course!

Gorgeous vegan items are around like never before.

Check out these beautiful vegan options and know that Amazon and other shops have so much others to offer.

Yup, they’re all vegan!

Kitchen Gear

Being a foodie myself, we have to get into some kitchen gear.

Especially for those who are already very involved or for those who are getting more into it, some new kitchen items can make a huge difference.

Pots, pans, dishes, etc all the way up to…

A new blender or juicer to make all the popular smoothie bowls and juices!

I currently have a Ninja one like this (it is very similar, the closest I could find this year), but I do plan on upgrading soon. It has served me so well though, for around 5 years!

Ninja and Nutribullet have both been wonderful, and it is just time for a bigger one. I think I will go with one of these two brands again.
We will see!

If you have been around foodie Instagram at all, you probably have seen the famous Coconut bowls.

Especially if you one, have or are getting a blender, and two, plan on making smoothie bowls, it will truly be complete with some Coconut bowls of your own of course.

Plus, I’ve heard they actually help smoothie bowls stay frozen/cold longer. Another plus!


One that may not immediately come to mind is education.

It is a valuable thing and there is tons of independent education content out there now.

This is an easy one to hit literally all points of course!
What is more eco friendly than literally online education/content?

This is something that I would actually pick for my list. You can never have too much knowledge, motivation, and inspiration.

Whether it is a reading/content subscription, digital book, digital course, coaching, etc, it can really change a life.

One online course that has been really helping me with my blog is Pajama Affiliates, specifically their Affiliate Marketing Masterclass.

Especially compared to other guru’s prices, their courses are so affordable yet packed with great information and access to a group.

It is a little bit older style, but don’t let that scare you away. These women are brilliant and so helpful. I’m learning so much even after blogging for years.

It isn’t just for blogging and such either.

If you (or the one you’re buying for) has a goal they are trying to achieve, there is probably an online course out there somewhere.

Or anything really. This is 2020 and your limits are endless!

Well, we made it!

I had so much fun putting all these ideas together in this wonderful little cruelty free holiday gift guide and I hope you have fun shopping and simply enjoying the season as we can.

Happy holidays and best wishes to all!

Until next time,

♡ Ash

Cruelty Free Holiday Gift
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