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    October 3, 2020

    Clean And Cruelty Free Care Guide

    The products that we use each and every day can either help or hurt yourself, other earthlings, and the planet.
    This is where the importance of having a clean and cruelty free care routine comes in.

    Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. This means that I may receive compensation if you click on a link. As an Amazon Associate, I do earn from qualifying purchases. All of this is at no extra cost to you.
    Thank you for your support! ♡

    It may not seem like a huge deal to pull a random product off the shelf and go with it, not thinking about the bigger picture right?

    That item will either have a good or bad impact.

    There are a few points that go into determining which it is:

    – Was it ethically sourced?
    – Was it tested on animals?
    – Are there animal products in it?
    – Does it come with a lot of waste/packaging?
    – Does it contain harsh/harmful chemicals?

    It is usually pretty easy to find these answers.

    Either it will say on the packaging (if there is any) or a visit to their website/chat with a representative should be able to tell you.

    There are many options currently that answer positively to these questions, and more all the time since people are moving towards these kinds of better products more than ever it seems.

    It finally feels like we are moving better in the positive direction.

    I have items from my own personal routine to share, as well as other lovely options you may want to check out instead!

    Clean And Cruelty Free Care

    (Note: I do recommend Lush a lot but this is not sponsored! Sadly lol Most of my personal products are Lush and for good reasons! There are many more though, don’t worry.)

    H a i r

    Let’s start at the top shall we?

    This is an easy one. Shampoo bars are easily an amazing option to add your ritual.

    They typically are either very low with packaging or without completely, and often contain good ingredients. Of course read to make sure, but I can absolutely reccomend my personal favorite, Viori.

    Since I have a dry and irritated scalp most of the time, I have recently started using Viori’s Hidden Waterfall version, made for hair just my type.
    You can read my full review here!

    There are endless other positive reviews as well.

    Lush’s shampoo bars would definitely be my second favorite.

    Want another option? Try Shea Moisture’s 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Clay Shampoo bar!

    And The Earthling Co’s bars.

    Don’t forget about conditioner! (if you’re into it)
    I couldn’t find the one I currently use anymore, but I have used this American Cream one in the past and it was heavenly.

    Not to mention it smells absolutely divine!
    A vegan strawberry milkshake in a bar.
    (I do still use this scent in body wash; see below)

    F a c e

    If you have dry skin like I do, using a deeply moisturizing oil can help tons. It feels amazing and can really keep your dry skin under control.

    This pure Argan oil from Aura Cacia is my go to (packaged mostly in a glass bottle with little plastic) along with the Argan naked facial oil bar from Lush.

    Simply amazing for the skin.

    They go so well together or apart!

    The Argan naked facial oil bar has even more benefits since it has more ingredients in it.
    Plus, it is NAKED which means little to no packaging.

    Another tip? Steam your face using a steamer like this before applying your skincare.

    On the oily/acne prone side?

    Light Touch from Lush may be the better fit for you!

    Also NAKED and formulated towards this kind of skin type.

    If a bar isn’t quite your thing and you still want something even lighter, this gelee moisturizer may be your pick.

    Also mostly glass packaging, cruelty free, and ethically sourced. It is made with oily/acne prone skin in mind.

    When it comes to getting clean, for dry skin, Movis by Lush may be perfect.

    Gentle, moisturizing, and a good clean all in one right here.

    Switching to this has done my skin wonders.

    Not to mention it smells amazing and its low/packaging free.

    Previously I was using the Coalface bar though, before I realized my skin changed from oily/acne prone to dry.

    So if you are that skin type, you’ll likely love it!

    Shea Moisture has their own similar kind of versions of these if you’re looking for a different company/easier accessible.

    Shea moisture is probably one of the best easy to get, cruelty free, and ethically sourced options besides Lush. If you couldn’t tell yet!
    The only downside is more packaging, but they are still tons better than other store options.

    M o u t h

    While it isn’t totally packaging free, this toothpaste is still a really good option.
    Say hello to Hello oral care!

    The packaging is decently eco friendly, has globally sourced ingredients, is cruelty free, and vegan.

    When it comes to typical store toothpastes, this is awesome by far. It tastes delicious too!

    Don’t let the charcoal scare you away.

    There are plenty of other products they make as well. Get the whole fam.

    For an alternative, The Humble Co. also has a highly rated option.

    If you’re up for trying something totally different, Lush has tooth tablets.

    No squeeze tubes and liquid, just pop a tab in and brush!

    This is something I haven’t tried yet though.

    If you love sweets, then you’re in for a treat.

    Lush has insanely amazing lip products. Like the rest, some are vegan and some are not.

    Rose lollipop to be exact has been my go to for years now.

    Cookie Dough lip scrub is next on my list.

    Beautiful, natural, cruelty free and vegan masterpieces.

    Some are vegan and some aren’t, but these two hit that mark for sure.

    (Shea Moisture also has some great options)

    B o d y

    It is pretty easy to find low waste soap bars and such, but they may still not have the best ingredients or be cruelty free/vegan.

    If you want to check all of these marks off AND have an incredible scent, yet again for your clean and cruelty free care ritual, Lush has you covered.

    Their naked line of shower soaps and general soaps are unreal.

    Incredible scents, bubbles galore, completing the vibe.

    Personally I have used the American Cream (again), Snow Fairy (Christmas exclusive), and Pear.

    Talk about complete, positive luxury.

    For a cheaper and more easily available option, Shea Moisture’s body bars may be more your style.

    Also several options and wrapped in a simple cover.

    No need for bulky and wasteful bottles anymore when you have power and luxury in a simple bar.

    Even more options are Schmidts, The Earthling Co, and Mrs. Meyers lines.

    (When you use my link there for The Earthling Co., you will get 20% off btw!)

    Now, deodorant is something that everyone is usually safer than sorry about.

    After all, making sure your scent is under control is super important.

    So far, I haven’t come across a perfect packaging free product.

    Lush’s Aromaco is pretty darn good, but the scent is too strong and “naturey” for me personally.

    It does smell good, but I just prefer a lighter, more feminine scent for this area.

    My holy grail? By far it is Schmidts deoderants!

    Specifically the Rose and Vanilla one so far.
    They have lots of scents though, and I’m definitely wanting to try more!

    You literally won’t have to worry about anything with these. The “natural deodorant” stereotype will be gone.
    Tested and approved. ♡

    On the Amazon store they even have some smaller sizes that are perfect for a sample.

    Trust me and give them a try!

    Moisturizer is pretty straightforward, but to add a small snippet anyway, Lush has some in pots or moisture bars, for a package free product.

    In stores, just be sure to check ingredients and cruelty free status on any you have your eye on.

    There is so much out there, and simply using an oil is always an option too.

    I will be updating this with some specifics and tanners as well, so stay tuned!

    Last but definitely not least, we all know that Lush is basically the elite of bath bombs and bubbles.

    Lush is probably what you immediately think of when it comes to mind right?

    I will share my favorites here (all vegan) and also turn you on to some other wonderful choices.

    Lush isn’t nearly the only supplier of them of course (even though arguably the best).

    My new all time favorite (that I was wanting to try for such a long time) is the Peach Crumble bubble bar!

    It is too freaking adorable, beautiful, and smells just as good as it looks.

    As for bath bombs, I would have to say my favorite is Big Blue.

    I first tried this in Japan while swimming in the ocean every weekend, and this gorgeous one brought the ocean right to my bath.

    It literally has seaweed in it!

    If you’re missing the ocean, or just love it, I totally recommend.

    Amazon also has tons of bath bombs and general bath stuff.

    For a quick find to just add to your cart, I see that BODY & EARTH has some available.

    They are clearly vegan, cruelty free, and made with premium good for you ingredients.
    It definitely looks like they use more eco friendly packaging as well.

    Take your time and explore! Any info you need to know about the products should be stated in the description or found by contacting the seller.

    Adjusting your own ritual and products to a positive and friendly way is so wonderful and worth it.

    Cruelty free care is so very important for the many reasons explained.

    We can all make an impact and change with how we are spending our money and who we are supporting!

    Every day is a new chance to fill it with positive choices.

    Know that even though you are one person, it does make a difference!
    Everyone makes a difference, always remember that.

    Together, we can change the world!

    Tell about your clean and cruelty free care routine below?

    Until next time,

    ♡ Ash

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      I have been trying to reduce my waste so I love this!!!

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      These are all such great options! I’ve been using Hello Toothpaste along with a bamboo toothbrush from The Humble Co for years. They’re great brands. Although, I personally would stay away from charcoal toothpaste as it wears down the enamel overtime. But they have a ton of other great options! Awesome post! (:

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