February 7, 2021

Best Vegan Milk For Coffee

It is the topic that I literally see alllll the time around vegan lifestyle discussions.
When it comes to vegan milk for coffee, which is the best?

Good question.
There are definitely plenty of options these days!
(A huge thank you to everyone that made it possible ♡)

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So, first of all, why are plant based/vegan milks better?

There are multiple reasons, from your health, to the treatment/use of animals, to the amount of environmental impact.
I highly recommend looking into the fine details of dairy versus plant based vegan milks if you haven’t yet.
Since you’re here, you likely have, but you know. : )

To continue, personally, I don’t think there is any exact answer to this, but more so that it is based on personal preference.

However, there does seem to be a most popular choice.

I will start by sharing this personal favorite, which is actually the one that seems to be the most often favorite among others who use vegan milks.

When it comes down to it, you could say that it may be the “best vegan milk for coffee“, or the closest to dairy milk that a lot of us are used to.

It is oat milk!

It is famous for being exceptionally delicious, and among coffee lovers, it is known for bringing that amazing creaminess and froth that’s so well loved in our drinks.
It is also known to be one of the milks with the lowest environmental impact. Just add up the good thangs right?

Either plain oat milk, flavored, or oat milk creamers all do the trick.

Speaking of which, if you want an incredible oat milk creamer, you should definitely try Silk’s Oatmeal cookie creamer!
It is in my drinks all the time currently.

Vegan Milk For Coffee

I do have a brand new Keurig milk frother, which I use almost every day with my oat milk.

(Which I’ve been absolutely LOVING, thanks mama)

Vegan Milk For Coffee

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It is just perfectly creamy and frothy.

I use plain flavor always in all milks by the way. This allows me to use it for anything else I may need it for without any added flavor. (Example, for cooking/recipes and such)

The creamer is flavored and I either add that or a syrup for coffee!

Right now I use mostly plain oat milk with a few splashes of the Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat milk Creamer and I’ve been OBSESSED.

I will still talk about the others a bit though to give you an idea!

Coconut milk (my #2 choice and only with So Delicious) is another option and what I choose when oat milk isn’t available.
(Hi Starbucks, we’re waiting)

Vegan Milk For Coffee

It seems to be a little “lighter” than the other milks, but still works great.

If you like coconut flavor, then the brand won’t matter really, but if you don’t, I recommend So Delicious brand which does not have any strong coconut taste. It really is so delicious!

I haven’t tried to froth it in my frother yet, but I plan on trying it soon. Along with the others as well.

Next we come to soy milk.

I personally am not a huge soy milk person, though I don’t mind it when it is the only option available.

I don’t usually use it for anything personally so I’m not sure about the details and how it is elsewhere in cooking, but all experiences have been good so far out and about.

The last main milk we are going to talk about is almond milk.

The taste is mild and still nice/creamy.
I don’t use it too often as oat and coconut take the lead here, but I’ve had my times of using it for sure.

Like the others, it also usually works very well with coffee, though again, I still have yet to test the froth.

So basically, any and all of these options are wonderful and tons better than dairy.

Of course, I have to recommend Oat Milk as the top winner for sure though. : )
I think many others would agree!

I really hope this helps with your search and decision!

Again, when it comes to vegan milk for coffee, know that both the basic milks and creamers are all amazing and so much better than non vegan products in many ways.

There are some other vegan milk options as well and I definitely plan on trying even more and updating this post after (Like rice, cashew, etc)!

If you have a favorite, post it below! Especially if you have a delicious combo for your coffees hehe.

Enjoy until next time,

Ash ♡

Vegan Milk For Coffee

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