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    August 21, 2020

    18 Best Vegan Food Alternatives

    Hello all! Today I’m bringing you something awesome (especially for beginners!).
    Ever wondered what the very best vegan food alternatives out there really are?

    Will they live up to the non vegan products we are used to?

    I have tried so many things this far, and now I’m bringing the best of the best I’ve found up to now, to you.

    Let me just say that they satisfy completely. Really.
    The vegan options we have these days are incredible, and we are just the luckiest to have them in our lifetime.

    And this isn’t anywhere NEAR what is actually all available out there. Simply what I have been able to try personally so far.

    Some are “popular” brands that have come out with vegan versions, and some are completely vegan (or close) entire brands.

    Like I said, we are so very lucky to have all of these items these days and I’m so excited for all the new that is yet to come!

    We are being blessed with more all the time.

    18 Best Vegan Food Alternatives

    Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream options

    They still have yet to go fully vegan, but they now have many vegan options! It is a good start. The best vegan store bought ice cream I’ve had yet.

    Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Cookie Dough Bites

    Love the ice cream? They also have one vegan simple dough bites flavor! It is addicting and my personal favorite.

    So Delicious Dairy free – Ice Cream

    Another amazing ice cream and more brand is So Delicious. Everything they have is vegan I believe!

    Waiting to try even more of their options asap.

    So Delicious Dairy free – Yogurt

    So Delicious Dairy free – Coconut Milks

    The best and most mild tasting coconut milk I’ve had.

    Planet Oat – Oat Milk

    The only oat milk I currently use after trying a few others. The taste is wonderful and mild.

    Gardein Tenders, Fishless Filets, Pizza Pockets, Breakfast Bowl, etc

    Gardein has a TON of options and all I have tried have been amazing!

    Beyond Meat Burgers, Grounds, and Sausages

    My personal favorite of the two I think, and the sausages are unreal.

    Impossible Burgers

    Haven’t had this from the grocery yet to make myself but I’ve had in restaurants! So incredibly good. They are at Burger King and Burgatory for sure!

    Pure Farmland Plant Based Meatballs

    These literally JUST arrived to my grocery and of course I had to try them right away. They were AMAZING.

    MorningStar Farms Veggitizers

    I’m not a huge fan of MorningStar products overall, but I do LOVE their veggitizers collection.
    One thing, they are completely vegan, they are new and improved, and so GOOD.
    The pizza bites are absolutely amazing.

    Daiya Mozzerella (Sorta Cheddar)

    Their Mozzarella is the best vegan version I’ve had yet. Their cheddar is okay, it definitely improved when they redid their formula, but so far the only way I eat it is in my mac and cheese and sometimes sprinkled on tofu scramble! It is amazing those ways for sure.

    Hellmans Vegan Mayo

    This is easy! The mayo we all know and love, in a vegan formula.

    Just Egg & Just Ranch

    These are both great, with the Just Egg being a necessity now in my home.
    This makes pretty much anything that needs egg easily swapped!

    Or just eat it as you would an egg.

    (One of my favorite recipes right now with Just Egg is my Vegan French Toast!)

    Reddi Whip Non-Dairy

    They currently have coconut and almond vegan versions! I usually go for the coconut. Amazing.

    Tofu (Yep!)

    Tofu is my favorite way to make vegan eggless scramble.
    I was afraid too, don’t worry! But just season it up and it is wonderful.
    Can make it other ways too but this is how I do currently!

    Check out my tofu scramble here!: Easy Tofu Scramble

    Also sub tofu instead of meat at some restaurants!
    My fave is Pad Se Eu with Tofu and veggies.

    Country Crock Plant Based

    A really good tasting vegan butter was really hard to find for me.
    When I saw Country Crock came out with a vegan version I grabbed it up.
    And yep, it tastes awesome just like the rest of their other products! Only this is cruelty free baby.

    Primal Kitchen Vegan Ranch

    The vegan Ranch dressing that I’ve been using since Just Ranch isn’t found anywhere near me currently! It is very good.

    Based on what is available at my stores, I haven’t been able to try everything from all of these brands, so this is subject to change/add on to!

    But I can definitely say at this time that so far these are all the best vegan food alternatives I’ve found.

    I hope they change your food game like they did to mine!

    Also, keep in mind that there are foods/products are naturally vegan, so check and see what you can just continue using!

    What is your favorite item from this list and what do you really want to try?

    Until next time,

    ♡ Ash

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      I LOVE the so delicious brand. Great vegan read.

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