June 12, 2020

12 Items To Stop Buying To Save Money (And For Some, The Planet)

Saving money is good. Saving the planet?
Also very good!

Doing both things at the same time is a total win.

Today, there are so many options to hit both of these marks!

I have some ideas here to help you get started.

All will save you money, and most of them, our Earth too.

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1. Straws

Why keep buying packages of straws when you can buy very affordable reusable ones to keep around forever?

Take them with you as well for dining out.

Another thing that can go along with this is cups/straws out.
Get a reusable set!

One example is Starbucks.
(Plus at Starbucks, when you do splurge, you can get money off for bringing your own cup!)

You can go simple or beautiful!

2. Razors

There is no need to buy endless bags of razors that go right into the trash when you can get a beautiful reusable one!

The only thing you need to change are the razors themselves and if you take good care of them, they can last a very long time.

3.Swiffer Pads

Those Swiffer pads are kind of pricey.

Not to mention they are a use once and throw away item, which is definitely not good.

Microfiber pads and cloths do the same thing!
Use, wash, and then reuse again. Perfect.

4. Cable

This isn’t really a “planet friendly” one, but will save you so much money.

Cable apparently is VERY expensive!

Personally, I’ve never had my own cable. With the streaming services (Disney+ for me!), you can pay a fraction and still have so much entertainment!

Want a FREE option? There is endless content on Youtube!

5. Disposable Kitchenware

There are many affordable dish and silverware sets out there!

Washing dishes can be a chore, but it is the much less wasteful and cheaper option.

6. Starbucks / Drinks out

This can be a tough one, but you can do it!

I personally don’t want to cut it out completely (LOL) but now I just limit myself and make my drinks at home much more often.

Starbucks even has some options available as make at home. (Not the pink drink yet though sadly!)

Want to save even more and do the environment better? Get a reusable cup and straw like I mentioned above! They usually have like a 3 dollar cheap one if you don’t want to splurge on a fancy one.

You get a discount by using them too!

7. New Clothes / Shoes/ Accessories

We all love to get awesome hauls and enjoy treating ourselves time to time but this can stress the wallet!

Some ideas are to experiment with items you already have to make new outfits, buying secondhand when possible (great for the planet! either in store or online), and buying from very affordable stores when you do need more.

8. Eating Out

This doesn’t have to be a huge environmental concern but will save a lot of cash!

Buying from a grocery store and having enough for days can make a huge difference.

9. Bottled Water

A super easy one is bottled water!

Unless you’re out and don’t really have a choice, having a trusty water bottle of your own to reuse is awesome.

One purchase to have forever!

10. Single Serve Meals

With this, I’m talking about those bulky, disposable, single serve meals you get at the grocery store.

They are expensive and include so much waste.

Along with the above, cooking and prepping your own meals using your own containers will save a TON of money.

(When you DO eat out, SAVE your CONTAINERS if possible! Sometimes they make amazing reusable containers! All of mine are basically from Olive garden. They have awesome vegan options so that explains it lol)

11. Gym Memberships

Exercising is obviously good for you regardless, but simply working out at home will save you time, money, and gas.

Invest a little into some equipment or use what you have available!

(Even as a very loyal exerciser I have never had a gym membership!)

12. Mani/Pedi

While this is mostly just a money saver, there are some other positive benefits.

For one, you also save money/gas by just staying home and not driving around.

The other is that you can choose whatever products you want. Make sure to use cruelty-free and eco-friendly as much as possible!

Just make it an amazing private self-care night right?

I hope this helped you out and inspired you to do some more saving!

You really can’t go wrong with these ideas.

Surely there are even more out there, so if you have a good idea, leave a comment below!

Until next time,

♡ Ash

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