March 28, 2020

11 Productivity Ideas For Open Time

It always blows my mind when people say they are bored and/or waste insane amounts of time.
There are so many productivity ideas for open time that you could be doing that I can never understand this!

Maybe it’s just the intense motivation inside me, but I love to be productive and be doing good things for my life.

Relaxation time is always good and important of course, but so is using time wisely.

Some people may not see things the same way, but I have come up with some ideas, most that I do too, to help combat any boredom or fill your free time like you may want.

The ideas are positive and productive mostly with some relaxation options as well. I didn’t forget!

I honestly haven’t felt truly bored in a really long time so I hope these ideas help you too.

Especially with our current situation where many people have tons of time.


1.Clean & reorganize your space

A nice, clean living space is always a good thing.

Anything you’ve been putting off or simply haven’t had time to do!


Did you know there are tons of ways to work (or earn money) from home?

I’m working on getting a post up for this as well.

3.Exercise or yoga

A way to clear your mind and work on yourself.

4.Time with family/friends

Or if you’re in lockdown like we are now, video chat or call them!

All time is quality time.

5.Play with & spend quality time with pets

You are their world so give them quality time too!

6.Get inspired

Watch videos, browse the net, read books/magazines to inspire your new life focuses.

It is the perfect time to evaluate and adjust anything needed in your world.

7.Start a blog

Either seriously for business or free for fun. Get your voice & creativity out there!

It is relaxing to just be on your computer but is productive at the same time.

8.Try making new foods

Like my many healthy & vegan recipes here on my blog!

I recommend my vegan cheese sauce.

9.Get back into or start a new hobby

Find what excites you and just go with it. Hobbies can make money too or just be for fun.

Not to mention some hobbies can be really chill and relaxing too.

10. Go through email/social media and do a refresh/cleanout

Whether its a full inbox or you need to update/adjust, it’s the perfect time.

Or just take time completely away from it.

11.Take some YOU time

In today’s busy world, self care can be rare. Use free time you do have for yourself! It’s important.

In a world where nobody has free time, consider really taking advantage of this.

I hope these ideas help you to make the most of your open time, especially in our current situation of the world.

Many of us are stuck inside and going stir crazy, so try to relax and focus on things like these.

Turn openness into positivity and productivity!

♡ Ash

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